The Case Study of A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App


A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App is technically defined to be as one of the innovative apps dedicated to enabling users view their virtual imagery trying on a set of different clothes without any need to do so physically.

On the ground of how the app is defined, we have its conclusive realization that the feasibility of online shopping is relative to the efficiency and aptness of this application, thus lending on it the credibility of being a part of those gazettes developed to serve the mankind.

Considering shopping need is one of the most fundamental necessities of mankind today, an introduction of new technique as such in the case of virtual dressing room has its significance for both the shoppers and the retailers.

How does this app work?

Generally, the working mechanism of virtual trial room calls for participation of a user to watch himself into his virtual reflection and try on virtual clothes one by one on his body using gesture-controlled motion, whereby in the process the clothes superimpose the body. It gives user visualization as if he were wearing a piece of cloth, which as a matter of fact, is unrealism against realism.

To say otherwise, the user sees clothes being overlaid on his body which helps him guess if particular cloth is to be purchased on the ground of fitting or style pertaining to his need. But he doesn’t wear those clothes in real world. That’s the magic of this application – it saves time. It helps shoppers make a right decision to buy quality clothes.

Technically, the working mechanism of the software application is critical and is beyond the understanding of a non-tech persons. Even though it is developed to be used by a non-tech individual, to understand the working mechanism, one has to be an augmented reality expert. In a nut cell, it is based on facial-recognition technique. It reads gesture-controlled signals of users.

Moreover, it functions on real time processing mechanism, which in a language of computer science is a technique of data interpretation to classify or retrieve particular information. Having said that, the technique gives output of a user’s imagery in real time fashion which means it responds any immediate move or gesture made by the user in unison.

What involves in the virtual trial room?

It gives a shopper a comfort of viewing his own virtual picture into webcam of his laptop system. This is helpful for shoppers because they do not have to be dependent on any physical store to check if particular cloth has the stylishness pertaining to their fashion statement. The check can be done from the comfort zone of one’s home.

To allow the app function, shoppers need a laptop and a webcam along with internet service.

On the other hand, retailing stores can experience customer retention benefit by using the app.

A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App  can provide reliable and comfy assistance of doing shopping for both the shoppers and the retailers. While the latter is benefited by the customer retention, the previous experiences shopping in the blend of comfort and convenience.

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Augmented Reality Virtual Dressing/Fitting Room App allows shoppers to 'try on' clothes online. Call at 9654677057 for more info.

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