Virtual Fitting Room App – Mirror Your Dress Sense!


Personality reflected from the mirror you’re standing before describes your dress sense. So, mirror has its own gravity of importance when it comes to determining one’s personality. Though women are said to be the most mirror-conscious as compared to their male counterparts, yet mirror also witnesses its applauded utility from a large community of look-conscious men.

Well, if the physical mirror values so much for men and women, what about the virtual mirror, then? Sounds weird? Not at all! The digital technology has brought to us a very good way of mirroring oneself using Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room App.

Fityour, one of the fastest growing customized web apps developed by India’s largest augmented reality company, Adstuck, brings to you an amazing blend of ease and delight by allowing you see yourself in the virtual mirror trying on particular attire at an apparel website.

This app by far the best of applications giving one the delight of viewing self virtually than physically. Hence, for retailers, the app is deemed to be providing a new way of generating communication rates from customers who love comfort and convenience of shopping apparels. For shoppers, it’s good to make out their dress sense before dropping an order to buy an apparel.

The Virtual Trial Room Software is dedicated to providing your customers a unique way of mirroring self to appreciate their look and dress sense before they finally decide to purchase it. Hence, this system of offering service gives your business a resultant consequence of increasing customer’s response which could then be converted into a sale in big bucks.

Since most customers are often anxious to know how they would be looking in particular attire before buying it, means of online trail room as such provided proves to be a great help to check the fitting or style of an apparel.

One more thing that makes the app very unique in the sense of improving your business is its having integrated social media platforms allowing customers in the virtual trial room capture image and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

For the app to function properly, customers need to have an Internet enabled computer and a regular webcam so that they can view self in the virtual trial room. Meanwhile, you have to ensure if your apparel website is fully integrated with the app to response customers.

So, in the sense of Virtual Fitting Room being good at allowing customers determine fitting or style of particular apparel before buying, we conclude that it benefits both the customers and the merchant site. While customers can use this marker less technology to view self in different attires, it benefits retailers or merchants improve customer’s engagement.

In that way of saying, the app turns out to be a mutual concept of benefiting the customers and the retailers.

Fityour is leading and most innovative Virtual Fitting Room App giving a reciprocal advantage of benefiting both the customers and the retailers on the applauded equation of comfort and convenience.