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Virtual Dressing Room App – Quick Shop for Outlet Products Made Easy


Virtual Dressing Room App is an innovative software technology. It remarkably facilitates online shopping.

What is it?

This software technology is based on augmented reality – a technique to manifest data of physical world into their virtual equivalent. It basically enables online shoppers try on a set of attires without actually having to try them on. Means, using the webcam, one just have to select a garment in an online store, superimpose it on their body and feel the dress if it fits on their body. This way, the users do not have to shop physically as the online shopping using this technique makes the whole point of shopping very fantastic experience to devour with.

How would I be benefited with this software?

It will save you time – This is one of the most fantastic benefits that shoppers will experience. This software facilitates your shopping from the comfort zone of your home. By the use of a laptop with integrated webcam and the internet, one can use the benefit of this application and to cherish with.

It is virus-free app – Are you afraid of virus-infected apps on app-downloading websites? At least, you can be rest assured with this one. This is innovative and has been developed by some renowned companies, including Adstuck, that give assurance of quality and reliability at the same time of using the software to your shopping convenience.

Kiss your visual with clothes of your choice – Literally speaking, this is perhaps the most innovative and delightful feature of online dressing room app to transform the convenience of your online shopping. You just have to pick up cloth, position it on your body and decide if that’s best to buy. It’s like being kissed by the clothes you put on in your virtual image.

Easy to maneuver – Most applications, if requiring you to be technically virtuoso and intelligent – just rest assured from this app as it doesn’t demand you to be that technically qualified.Complex and intricate apps are demurred by the users because they are non-operational on account of requiring specialized knowledge and skill.Online trial room is demonstrative of an innovative technique equipped with an un-intricate maneuvering feature for the users.

What is the system requirement for the app?

The virtual fitting room app is quite a compatible application with almost all the operating systems such as Windows, Linux and others. Moreover, it is also compatible with all the latest smartphones. However, it largely depends on the kind of new online dressing room app that you would be using in your smartphone or computer PC. This is because of the reason that not all the apps may be compatible with every OS of PC and smartphones. However, this generally requires a computer with webcam because this is browser-based web application.

Conclusion – Virtual Dressing Room App is quite an innovative software application offering a wide range of features to collectively make your shopping a fantastic experience to cherish with. You can try on whatever attire/clothes from the comfort zone of your home using this application.

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The Case Study of A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App


A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App is technically defined to be as one of the innovative apps dedicated to enabling users view their virtual imagery trying on a set of different clothes without any need to do so physically.

On the ground of how the app is defined, we have its conclusive realization that the feasibility of online shopping is relative to the efficiency and aptness of this application, thus lending on it the credibility of being a part of those gazettes developed to serve the mankind.

Considering shopping need is one of the most fundamental necessities of mankind today, an introduction of new technique as such in the case of virtual dressing room has its significance for both the shoppers and the retailers.

How does this app work?

Generally, the working mechanism of virtual trial room calls for participation of a user to watch himself into his virtual reflection and try on virtual clothes one by one on his body using gesture-controlled motion, whereby in the process the clothes superimpose the body. It gives user visualization as if he were wearing a piece of cloth, which as a matter of fact, is unrealism against realism.

To say otherwise, the user sees clothes being overlaid on his body which helps him guess if particular cloth is to be purchased on the ground of fitting or style pertaining to his need. But he doesn’t wear those clothes in real world. That’s the magic of this application – it saves time. It helps shoppers make a right decision to buy quality clothes.

Technically, the working mechanism of the software application is critical and is beyond the understanding of a non-tech persons. Even though it is developed to be used by a non-tech individual, to understand the working mechanism, one has to be an augmented reality expert. In a nut cell, it is based on facial-recognition technique. It reads gesture-controlled signals of users.

Moreover, it functions on real time processing mechanism, which in a language of computer science is a technique of data interpretation to classify or retrieve particular information. Having said that, the technique gives output of a user’s imagery in real time fashion which means it responds any immediate move or gesture made by the user in unison.

What involves in the virtual trial room?

It gives a shopper a comfort of viewing his own virtual picture into webcam of his laptop system. This is helpful for shoppers because they do not have to be dependent on any physical store to check if particular cloth has the stylishness pertaining to their fashion statement. The check can be done from the comfort zone of one’s home.

To allow the app function, shoppers need a laptop and a webcam along with internet service.

On the other hand, retailing stores can experience customer retention benefit by using the app.

A Real Time Virtual Dressing Room App  can provide reliable and comfy assistance of doing shopping for both the shoppers and the retailers. While the latter is benefited by the customer retention, the previous experiences shopping in the blend of comfort and convenience.

3D Interactive Virtual Fitting Dressing Room – Your Virtual Dressing Mirror


Ever heard of Virtual Fitting Dressing Room App? If no, the article will explain about it, but before we move further, just imagine yourself being able to look into a mirror trying on different attires without having to take off your own cloth. It may sound fairytale but as a matter of fact, it is not. This is reality as you don’t have to take off your cloth to try on an attire that you may wish to purchase online. That’s what virtual dressing room is all about.

This is an innovative software application giving you sheer blend of shopping pleasure whereby need to check fitting or style color of an attire physically is zero. So basically it is designed to make your shopping the best of your life’s experience. Every time you need to try on an attire, dependence to use dressing room seems matter of past as this latest technology does the job easily.

How to use virtual dressing room?

There is no rocket science involved to understand about the technology. It is very simply and easy to handle. As a user, all you need is an internet enabled laptop system with webcam. Visit a garment store where the facility of this technology is provided for online shoppers. Sign in for the virtual fitting dressing room and experience a mind-blowing shopping pleasure. You can view yourself in a variety of attires, you can pick up one of them, try on your body, change and then try on till you are sure of buying one of them. Hence, within few minutes, you pick up one of the best apparels by using the technique.

How will the technology benefit me?

It will benefit you in the following ways –

  • It gives you 3D interactive virtual dressing room experience. It feels like you are watching yourself in a mirror being superimposed by virtual garments placed around. Wow! It’s fantastic experience!
  • It saves your time from standing in a queue waiting for your turn to enter in a dressing room. The technology allows you do so using your computer from your home.
  • There is also no need to visit in person at the store of a garment merchant as the technology enables you do so right from your home or anywhere using your internet enabled laptop or smartphone.

How will I look into the virtual fitting room?

Generally you will look the same as you look in a webcam. The only difference is clothes in virtual reality are overlaid on your body by the way you gesture. Means, using hands, you pick up a cloth and positions it on your body. You do not have to take off your cloth for that. This is the magic of this mirror. According to what attire you dress up in virtual reality, you have that kind of particular look as a result.

Virtual Fitting Dressing Room gives you an increased level of sophistication in your online shopping. This is reliable for online shoppers for all age groups. One of the main benefits, you do not have to be wrong at all when selecting a cloth of your choice as you are sure of your purchased cloth. Read more

Virtual Fitting Room App – Mirror Your Dress Sense!


Personality reflected from the mirror you’re standing before describes your dress sense. So, mirror has its own gravity of importance when it comes to determining one’s personality. Though women are said to be the most mirror-conscious as compared to their male counterparts, yet mirror also witnesses its applauded utility from a large community of look-conscious men.

Well, if the physical mirror values so much for men and women, what about the virtual mirror, then? Sounds weird? Not at all! The digital technology has brought to us a very good way of mirroring oneself using Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room App.

Fityour, one of the fastest growing customized web apps developed by India’s largest augmented reality company, Adstuck, brings to you an amazing blend of ease and delight by allowing you see yourself in the virtual mirror trying on particular attire at an apparel website.

This app by far the best of applications giving one the delight of viewing self virtually than physically. Hence, for retailers, the app is deemed to be providing a new way of generating communication rates from customers who love comfort and convenience of shopping apparels. For shoppers, it’s good to make out their dress sense before dropping an order to buy an apparel.

The Virtual Trial Room Software is dedicated to providing your customers a unique way of mirroring self to appreciate their look and dress sense before they finally decide to purchase it. Hence, this system of offering service gives your business a resultant consequence of increasing customer’s response which could then be converted into a sale in big bucks.

Since most customers are often anxious to know how they would be looking in particular attire before buying it, means of online trail room as such provided proves to be a great help to check the fitting or style of an apparel.

One more thing that makes the app very unique in the sense of improving your business is its having integrated social media platforms allowing customers in the virtual trial room capture image and share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

For the app to function properly, customers need to have an Internet enabled computer and a regular webcam so that they can view self in the virtual trial room. Meanwhile, you have to ensure if your apparel website is fully integrated with the app to response customers.

So, in the sense of Virtual Fitting Room being good at allowing customers determine fitting or style of particular apparel before buying, we conclude that it benefits both the customers and the merchant site. While customers can use this marker less technology to view self in different attires, it benefits retailers or merchants improve customer’s engagement.

In that way of saying, the app turns out to be a mutual concept of benefiting the customers and the retailers.

Fityour is leading and most innovative Virtual Fitting Room App giving a reciprocal advantage of benefiting both the customers and the retailers on the applauded equation of comfort and convenience.