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Online Trial Room – Defining Comfort & Novelty


Online Trial Room is demonstrative of someone’s affinity with cutting edge technology. This also reasons their quest for an online system defining convenience and comfort hand in hand. Hence, online trial room comes as one of the most authentic mediums for savvy shoppers.

Are you unaware of it?

Well, that may be the case because not every buyer that prefers online shopping to physical one knows about it. So, by the definition of virtual trial room, what we gather is the fact that it is a system of providing buyers a way to try on virtual clothes without having to wear them all.This is the very technique that involves creation of comfort and convenience for buyers when it comes to shopping.

How does it help you?

Offers comfort – This is said in the context that online dressing room can be handled by home. Since this is internet operated shopping, a user can handle it from the comfort zone of his home as well. This is why it is said to be very comfortable for buyers.

Offers user-friendly approach – This is because of the reason that handling such software is not a difficult chore at all. If you are well versed in doing online shopping or you are moderately aware of it, handling virtual trial room has nothing to do with you being highly qualified in academic or technical field. This can be handled as a piece of cake.

Enables you make a right choice – How many times did you leave online shopping just because you were not sure of fitting and style of a cloth that you wished to buy? Perhaps many times or perhaps never. Well, the thing is – most buyers encounter such unsavory outcome of online shopping. Or perhaps, it is one of the unsavory parts of online shopping as well that it doesn’t provide users a reliable system to check fitting, color or other features of a cloth before buying. However, problems of such kinds are resolved to a great extent by virtual trial room. It offers you convenience of trying on any cloth. Once you are content that particular cloth suits you perfectly on your body, you can purchase it. That’s it.

Easy Maneuvering – There is no problem when it comes to maneuvering online dressing room. It is very easy to get along with. For instance, you just need to log in the room on a website of garment store. Once logged in, you can maneuver clothes easily, position them on your body and make a right decision as to whether or not you should buy them.

Makes shopping time-saving – No doubt, with shopping convenience offered in such fashion, there is obvious encounter of time saving shopping experience for buyers. For instance, buyers do not have to visit at a garment store personally as online shopping using virtual trial room does the job cleverly.

Online trial room offers you shopping convenience. It helps you save your time while shopping. It is one of the most effective and innovative systems of online shopping to buy clothes without sacrificing comfort of your home.


Virtual Trial Room Software – Benefits At A Glance


The Virtual Trial Room Software is dedicated to providing an assistance to buyers to visualise themselves trying on a variety of clothes and garments virtually without resorting to any physical means for the same.

It has some salient benefits which are being described as follows;

Increases customer – engagement growth

This personal online mechanism enables customers experience a very innovative shopping when it comes to assessing quality of a cloth through self-trial. Goods such as attires, footwear products, wrist watch and many other accessories can be tried on using this software. It subsequently makes online shoppers happy as they are provided such a convenient shopping model – a rare sight to experience earlier. No doubt, a happy customer is a brand ambassador of one’s product that the software can facilitate distinctively.

So, being happy by the treatment of your retailing website, there is no doubt that the shopping website will experience influx of great customer engagement growth eventually. It is said that most retailing sites that used the software went through almost 60% of the total customer conversion rate growth.

Makes your customers feel special –

Which of the websites will you react positively to – the one with frigid customer response or the one with warm reception etiquette?

No need to elaborate which of the aforesaid shopping sites would someone prefer visiting again. However, the question remains to be answered is that why someone would priorities such a website with good customer response? This can be answered in the context that customers endear a website that respects their time and money – not something that just entices them purchase more. In this context, if a shopping website gives customers a medium to feel special when it comes to donning up themselves with an outfit virtually, there is an expected fantastic customer-response in the long run. Making a customer feels special is quite a skill that every shopping website must adopt.

Increases product-views –

A fortune is spent over advertising agencies to generate a compelling and mind-blowing ad for a particular product in order to increase its views. You may have watched television or read a newspaper displaying a wide range of ads of different brands encouraging customers to buy them or at least pay a visit to see their specifications.

Also, even celebrities take part into such kind of product endorsement technique to encourage or entice customers purchase the product being endorsed. However, with adaptation of virtual trial room software, there will be no need to spend lion’s share off your budget on advertising.

Just by using online dressing room app will make your entire shopping an economical experience of earning revenues from innumerable customers. This is because of the software being able to increase your product’s views greatly.

Bottom line –

The virtual trial software is widely recognized by its innovative advantages. Not only it increases customer-engagement rate of a shopping website, but it also gives them an output ofgreat revenue followed by its implication on a website. This is very innovative software technique. You can make your customers feel special which will subsequently make your entire shopping a lucrative business.

Try Before You Invest – Fityour

Virtual Dressing Room App – Your Virtual Changing Room


Virtual Dressing Room App which is an app developed by Adstuck, an Indian company developing augmented reality apps, is remarkable in its kind because it is innovatively helpful in giving customers a way to try on particular cloth or attires without actually wearing one of those….right from the comfort zone of home.

Today the concept of doing business is changing because the digital technology emerged with new and innovative tools which are catering customer’s changing taste from the erstwhile or conventional method of shopping. While some shoppers still in love with the conventional method of shopping online, there are those of them who value out of the box shopping experience. With Online Trial Room or Virtual Trial Room App, there is always a room for out of the box shopping experience for the shoppers who value their time and money.

If you are also one of the shoppers who do not want to be queued before a dressing room in physical store and would like to prefer online means of shopping instead, then the Virtual Trial Room is for you. This app gives you an innovative kind of shopping experience which is unique, reliable and very comfortable. You just need an internet enabled computer system with webcam facility that will connect you to your favourite apparel website to experience virtual trial room and how it helps you check an attire you want to buy.

The kind of app being mentioned here is actually nothing but Augmented Reality based application enabling users try on any particular apparel on their body so that they could determine if the apparel suits him/her well. So, what does it mean when I talk about “trying on an attire virtually? ”

This is stated to mean that you do not have to physically try on an apparel that you are intrigued to purchase. You know, most potential buyers love checking an attire on their body before they buy it. The physical garment stores usually have dressing rooms separately for both male and female customers. The problem is, customers have to face long-wait hassle in the queue to get their turn for the dressing room. This results in waste of time as well as frustration as nobody appreciates that kind of physical and mental torture. To add fuel to the fire, the wait in the queue furthers if a person in the dressing room takes more time to get himself/herself fully checked in a particular attire or a piece of attires.

This Virtual Fitting Room Software gives simulated visualization of one’s look in the virtual expression without affecting the source code. Stated differently, the app gives the view of a user looking into the virtual mirror using his computer’s webcam in digital or virtual output without doing anything to the user (source code, technically).

The Virtual Dressing Room is fully dedicated app providing you an innovative help of viewing self digitally. It helps you determine if particular cloth or attire looks good on your body. It is very helpful for both the customers and the retailers.